Strengthening Your Legal Strategy with
Medical Expertise

Same day appointments are available!

TeleEMC’s subsidiary, FOV medical (FOV), leverages TeleEMC’s resources in administration, scheduling, proprietary software, custom provider mapping systems, and electronic medical records etc….

FOV believes that victims of car accidents should undergo an initial medical evaluation for an assessment and treatment plan.

The medical provider may recommend imaging, medication, DME, or refer the patient to a geographically suitable chiropractor or physical therapist. Our staff works closely with the medical community. The referrals to these facilities are ones which the attorneys or FOV may have a prior working relationship within their network.

With FOV’s unique approach to client management, we assist lawyers with the necessary tools to build a compelling case.

Whether the patient is in a city, suburb, or rural area we make Orthopedic initial evaluations effortless!!

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most important) FOV rates medical providers who guide patients through the treatment process for the best recovery and support to prevail in a case.

FOV believes that in person medical provider exams are not sustainable, because the medical providers receive minimal compensation from the insurance carrier. Additionally, it may take days or weeks to see a medical provider in person. This may be detrimental to your case as it provides leverage to the adverse party. They will believe you are not truly in pain or the injury was not life changing.

FOV offers convenient telemedicine exams from the patient’s home or office. Scheduling appointments on the same day or next day. Our platform is private, 100% secure, and HIPAA compliant. Protection of your patients personal information is our priority. Our dedicated team consists of skilled medical providers, N.P.’s and P.A.’s, and chiropractors are focused on ensuring the patient’s swift recovery and addressing their legal needs.

FOV makes initial evaluation determinations for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) patients simple and straightforward.

Every 6 weeks, we request all providers to upload patients/clients billing ledgers to their FOV account (dated and time stamped). This process assists the attorney and streamlines the legal cases which may lead to more expedited settlements.

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Jeff Applebaum – President

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